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Incredible story and narration

Also how do I support this show, I feel guilty listening for free it’s that good

Love this podcast!

I love the way this podcast grabs you with weird letters and at the same time keeps you interested in the main story line. I’m always excited when a new episode drops!

You just can't trust the mail

The format is compelling and easy to get into, with most of the episodes featuring two dead letters that play off each other in interesting ways. The stories are unique and well-written, and I love the different voices Conway brings to each. Delightfully creepy and funny! I can't wait to see where the metaplot is headed.

Really interesting

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I was looking for something different (more paranormal in nature) and stumbled across this on Twitter. The content is told through the perspective of different archived media that never reached its destination. Each story is incredibly unique and you can tell that the creator carefully crafted each tale before recording it. If you're looking for a spooky style podcast (that isn't an AP TTRPG), I'd highly recommend you check it out. The atmosphere is very light and easy to enjoy.


This is my favorite podcast so far. The voice acting is phenomenal and the concept and story are so intriguing! Adding a slow and creepy version of Miserlou is always a plus too!


This podcast is creepy and so much fun!

Fun absurdist horror

This one is a lot of fun. It’s a beautifully absurd setup that makes its own kind of surreal dream sense. Or maybe I’m saying this because of al the Control I played. I dunno.